Our capabilities


“Tiberias Initiatives for Children” is a registered national Nonprofit Organization in Rwanda. It has been created in order to protect and to improve good health, education and development of disadvantaged Children and their families without any discrimination.

TIC preferes community focused and inclusive approach. The child in his family, the child with his family and community is the specificity of TIC approach. Following this option, TIC contributes then with innovative methods to improving children’s lives in line and in complementarity with policies established in Rwanda. The TIC’s strategic objectives are based on “four overriding principles” that guide internationally the protection of the child: The principle of the best interest of the child, the principle of non-discrimination, the principle of the right to survival and development, the principle of participation of the child in the actions and decisions that concern him/her.

Aiming at achieving its goals, the nonprofit organization works in partnership with families and local governments and other community based groups or religious institutions.

TIC’s Board and other members are well skilled and have good experience in Management in different NGO’s fields. Their personal life experience is also very rich. Thus, they are able to help suitably many children.

TIC partnership is dynamic and open to international partners for attracting non locally available resources and expertise.

TIC invites everyone: “At each TICk of your heart, TICk a Child, at each TICk of your watch, TICk a child”