“Tugendane”  Program (Lets walk together)                                                                                                                             “You need financial capacity, we seek the respect of the rights of the child. Let’s walk together  in order to satisfy both desires”             

Program Description: The objectives of this program is to improve the rights of the child and  to stimulate integration  of the poorest.

Enhancing solidarity with the poor family, the program seeks to integrate her in the save-credit system and to build her economic capacity.  “Microcredit project” is the pillar of the program. TIC tries to reinforce liquidity available for small credits in FSG (Financial solidarity Groups).

There is like a contract that each member of  FSG must improve positive  behaviors according to  schooling children, keeping clean environment,  improving healthy nutrition, avoiding gender  based violence at home, … Trainings are organized for sensitization. 

Location: Busanza (Sector Kanombe, District Kicukiro)Kabuye (sector Jabana, District Gasabo).

Beneficiaries: Nowadays, the microcredit project works with 7 FSGs in Busanza and 3 FSGs in Kabuye.  About  942 children  and their parents benefit then from this project.


–  About 100 families will be developing small business and this will participate to strengthen family economy and the country’s one.All families in villages will have “mutuelle de santé”(community-based health insurance)

– All children of the sector go to school

– All families have improved their nutrition behavior: have and use kitchen garden, covered toilets and hand cleaner dispositive at home, …

– Gender based violence reduced by 60% in the families

– Small social project will born  with participation of  this project

Improvement:  Some other initiatives (projects) for empowering the poorest  or for boosting the market and economic exchanges are necessary.