Description : The objective of this program is rehabilitation (medical assistance) and reinsertion of the child with disabilities (0-18 years, with some exception till 25 years old) in the society. We seek to help the child with disability to maximize his capacity of using physical body, his capability of participating in the family life, his luck of sharing life in society, his chance of studying and participate in economic growth of the family and the country.

In this program the assistance of each child is like a small project. The child is identified by the group in the village they invite the animator of TIC to visit the family and establish the ID formula of the child.

Then the child is sent to the Doctor (Doctor member of TIC or other doctors in the hospital where we arrange appointments) an expertise is made after this consultation. Then the Animator and parents establish the needs of the children specifying the participation of the family.

Location: Kabuye: Jabana, Jali, Kinyinya and Gatsata

Beneficiaries: Nowadays 15 children are beneficiaries of this program.

Target: 87 children of the focused zone are the target of this program.

Limitations: The budget of this program is still very limited and the pace of the program depend on availability of the annually budget.