Mwana Ukunzwe Program ( The Beloved Child ) Help children with disabilities and empower their family for caring them

Description: The objective of the program is to allow disadvantaged children (especially children with disabilities) to regain hope, experiencing the possibility that they shall be beloved.

Several times disadvantaged children suffer from discrimination, willingly or by the lack of capabilities in their families.

Different projects converge on this program’s goal : Scolarisation project (reinsertion of disadvantaged children at school: paying school fees, uniforms, school material, …). Mutuelles de santé project (help poor families to pay contribution of this community-based health insurance in Rwanda). “Soins medicaux and physiotherapie projects”: children are helped to arrive to the hospital or physiothepists missions are organized by the project need the children’s homes. “Petite Elevage project”: A number of pigs will be grown by the association and this will help them to consolidate their fraternity. Around this project they will share problems and advice. With the benefit of this project they will be able to participate a little to their children’s school expenditures. “CEB-Canarumwe project” promotes a special type of oven that use a very few quantity (one stick) of wood for cooking and this reduce the mom’s and children’s work of grabing wood or expenses of buying wood. Time and money saved create new capability to the benefit of the child with disabilities.

Location: Kabuye (Jabana, Jali, Gatsata and Kinyinya sectors).

Expected outcome:

– Children with disabilities will join the school with this program

– Children will have easy access to health system because of community-based health insurance (“Mutuelle de santé”) and the medical cost will be the lowest.

– Children with disabilities shall be rehabilitated because they attended hospital or specialists came close to them in the community.

– Through the support provided because of their child with disabilities, the Economic power of the poor family will increase. This will imply the respect and the consideration of the children with disability.

Beneficiaries: An association of parents of children with disabilities (Umwana Ukunzwe) has been created and collaborates withh the program. 172 Children with disabilities have been identified and regrouped in 12 subgroups called “big families” following their villages. Nowadays:

– 31 children with disabilities recovered the school with this program

-552 children with disabilities, their brothers, sisters and parents are affiliated to Community-based health insurance

– 33 children with disabilities got transport fees for going to different health centers, attended hospital for medical certificate or had physiotherapy and rehabilitation near home to correct their disabilities