In 2004, after his ordination Fr Bernadine arrives in Rulindo. He is he is upset by the misery of people in this rural area. His dream: doing some thing for them. He told to desadvantaged children : “I do not have many things, but additional to my poverty, I have my brain, I have You and I have my friends; together we can do more.”

With this conviction, since 2006 he begins working with his friends helping some groups of disadvantaged people. That year they promoted with success different initiatives creating a popular microcredit working without interest for youth, helping people infected by HIV: adults and children.

Since 2008 they begin to focus on disadavantaged children. With the support of Rwanda Shtiftung, Orleans-Tiers-Monde and un Avenir pour les Enfants du Monde, they built and equiped the Kinini Health center, and a center for children with disabilities.

In 2009, they facilitated reseach of a Padova University’s student on Child’s Rights.

In 2010 they renovated Nkanga Primary school. In 2011, The Rwandan government recommended legal registration of local Nonprofit organizations working informally till that date. Father Bernadine and his collaborators registred their nonprofit on the name of Tiberias Initiatives for Children (TIC). The name reminds the history of TIC and its philosophy: with few bread shared with love, miracles may be performed for helping thousands of people.

TIC members, volunteers and employees make difference by their love for children and their professionalism. Their dream is finding each day new partners for helping more and more disadvantaged children using their innovative methods.

Different organizations and institutions testify living an outstanding experience working in partnership with TIC.